Friday, January 9, 2009


Consultants can be an artist's best friend... so to speak.
They'll give you advice, they'll tell you how it is with honesty and help you morph a plan into reality.

It's a good idea to find a good fit though, most consultants offer preliminary services to make sure the partnership is a potential. For example a 20 minute introductory consultation where the artist can ask questions and the consultant can look at the portfolio and get an idea of the needs the artist is looking for.

Many consultants have a questionnaire they will give you to determine where you are at and any goals you may have. The artist should also go in with a small list of objectives they want to achieve - long term and short term. In addition ask about the consultant's experience and background. After all, this is the person who will be giving you advice on your livelihood. Speak to a few consultants to get an idea of which match the needs you are looking for.

Start your checklist for your 2009 plans and aspirations. If a consultant is someone you'd like to work with there are several well known and respected ones in the creative community. Ask for recommendations (from other artists, reps, art buyers/photo editors, adbase, agency access, etc.) and peruse through their sites (if they have them) or give them a call to start discussing.
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