Friday, May 9, 2008

Artist Friday - Amy DeVoogd

This Friday's artist is a talented illustrator out of Chicago who blends technology and painting in her work. A contemporary style with bold colors and shapes.

She describes her creative process as follows
After I've come up with an idea (or an image has been requested by a client) my illustration begins with a photograph. If I can't get the image naturally, say by happening upon a scenario in the street or on the bus or wherever, I'll stage the shot with friends. I end up photographing myself a lot. After the photos are taken I usually have to rearrange things in Photoshop and will frequently redraw parts. When I get the composition the way that I want it, I either bring it into Illustrator and draw it digitally, or I print it out and paint it. The paintings are made with acrylics on paper. I cut detailed stencils with an xacto knife in frisket and use foam paint rollers to get a screen print look. The paintings are basically one-off prints, with a bit of texture here and there, sometimes an area that's painted in with a brush, and plenty of happy mis-registration accidents!

Reminiscent of screen printing it takes on a beautiful quality and leaves the viewer to interpret the subject in their own way. Her illustrations of people are usually faceless shapes or have minute detail which lends to the simplicity and power of the overall shapes in the illustration. It's fun and clever and can translate to any client. (she's also a dream to work with)

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©Amy DeVoogd, used with permission
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