Friday, May 16, 2008

Artist Friday - Milla

She's not a photographer, she's not an illustrator, she's an 18-month old child. Before she was even born Milla suffered a stroke. She is slower to develop than other children. She doesn't crawl, mainly because her entire right side has been affected and she hasn't gotten her right arm to move. She walks with help and has just started standing on her own. The reason I'm writing about her today is because she likes art. She scribbles with crayons right now instead of creating forms or objects but we all start out doing that.

I've been helping out her mom (a family friend) and watching Milla for a few days a week now. On Wednesday I brought some photography promos with me. I laid them on the floor near her and she scooted over to them (since she doesn't crawl, she sits and pulls herself across the floor with her good arm and leg) and stared. After she had observed them for a little bit she slapped one and squealed (an Andy Anderson promo). She picked through the others, shuffling them around, and pushing them on the floor but never taking her eyes off them.

This whole interaction made me think how much art affects each one of us. We observe art around us each day whether it is in the form of illustration, painting and photography or through music and books. Art is therapy for everyone.


Darrell Eager said...

Kudo's to you, your a good friend and that's the most important thing.