Monday, February 9, 2009

Riding through the times

I really liked Leslie Burns Dell-Acqua's post yesterday (here) where she had some info about working with the client during these bumpy times.

I don't discuss clients or projects here for specific reasons (and I'm not going to disclose specific clients). However a few of the client projects I have been working have been changing because the companies are going through tough times (like the rest of us). One client is having to cut a substantial amount of their employees across the board nationwide. Therefore they are pulling back on their spending dollars. These clients however realize that they have a product to sell and in order to bounce back need to keep spending to get the product and messaging out there.

With this information photographers have been working with me and the agencies to be able to continue to work together at the budget constraints. One photographer is working with me on image re-negotiations and the next shoot. We're planning on "trimming the fat" on some of the production and he's also been flexible enough to adjust his fees, treating this particular shoot as a one-off.

Different ideas work for different people so it depends on what the artists and the agencies work out together.
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