Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Artists with Blogs

I find that artists blogs keep coming up in conversation, particularly artists asking if it's even a useful tool.

It should be completely up to you whether to maintain blogs and social networking. If you feel it's beneficial to your business or if it's a way to share personal opinions, images, etc. then go for it.

Personally I love artists' blogs. It's a nice insight into other work as well as the personality of that artist. It's sort of like peeling back another layer. The portfolios are useful to find appropriate talent for projects but the blogs for me are useful to find out a little more about the talent.

My only suggestion is that if you maintain a blog try to update it. It doesn't have to be everyday or even every week if you don't have anything or are busy but try to keep it as up to date as possible. Especially with imagery or a behind the scenes look at a recent project. I've also found a few photographers and illustrators who use their blog to show some new work or a new style they are experimenting with. The blog is a great way to showcase more work and outtakes of some shots that are in your portfolio.

Just remember to keep it honest but also a little professional (I don't want to read about a rant on a client). Express your opinions but remember who your potential audience is and the fact that they could potentially hire you. It's also a good format to not only promote personal work but share information that helps the creative community (award announcements, networking events, lectures, student shows, etc.)

Here are a few artist blogs I enjoy reading that are really good examples:

Finn O'Hara: finnohara.com/blog/
Andrew Hetherington: whatsthejackanory.com/
Timothy Archibald: timothyarchibald.blogspot.com/
Susana Raab: susanaraab.wordpress.com/
Thomas Broening: thomasbroening.blogspot.com/

also check out this Q&A on Photo-Blogging on the Glasshouse blog, Stone-Thrower.
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