Saturday, April 18, 2009

Update about 'Must Read' post

Last week I had posted some information about a must read.. a designer who was reportedly having his artwork and intellectual property stolen. Of course this wasn't the whole story as we saw a few articles from both sides.

Well in addition to all that hoopla that overtook twitter and blogs everywhere it seems as though the designer, Jon Engle, has taken down his website (which is why the link no longer works).

Here is a post from LogoFactory from this past week (here)

So now that Jon's profile, blog, twitter account and logo design work has been pulled from several sites (in addition to the fundraiser for his legal fees canceled), it begs to ask the question if he's the one being ripped off and having his intellectual property exploited why is he fading into obscurity and backing off?

A severe reminder to all artists to keep meticulous records of your work, metadata attached to the work and to protect your intellectual property.
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