Monday, September 8, 2008


In this business we often run into lots of personalities, some welcoming and knowledgeable, others that want to slam our fingers in the door. But it's all how you deal with them and to take it in stride.

I had a few people vent to me today about frustrations and impossible expectations being placed on them. Unfortunately you can't always say "yes" to everything but you can't say "no" either. Becoming a problem solver is a talent and a necessary one. Learning to deal with difficult personalities is another.

Don't be passive-aggressive about things, being a decisive prioritizer is key to collaborating with a team.

Don't get steam rolled. Different personality types is what makes the workplace and the projects. A good manager (not always of people but of situations) knows how to manage themselves as well as the things going on around them.

Don't be sensitive.. it's business. "It's just business" may sound like a cop out to some, especially those who are so passionate about what they do, but it's a reality.

Now get out there and play nice.
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