Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Advertising and the Economy

So while Wall Street is in a panic and the bailout bill failed yesterday, we sit here and wonder what is going on and what is going to happen, especially in the advertising world.

I want to share a few different reports regarding the economy and the advertising industry. Time to tighten the buckle on your spending and for those who are self employed to keep your heads up.

Suze Ormann was on the Today Show and CNN yesterday urging consumers to cut back their spending on unnecessary products. She stated that consumers need to reduce their debt and stop buying stuff.

AdAge is reporting the AdMarket 50 crashed 6.4% in yesterday's scramble. They're also reporting that McDonald's is getting hit from the credit/banking crisis. But on the upside AdAge has an article that retail brands are already clambering with holiday promotions which means more seasonal work.

Danny Flamberg has an interesting article on Talent Zoo, After the Crash: Rebuilding Financial Services Marketing.

Take a look at how the industry is being affected then take a look at your own marketing plan - how do you rise above others to ensure you get the job?
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