Wednesday, September 24, 2008

de Blob

©2008 THQ, Wii, Blue Tongue

It's a new game for Wii and it's creative. de Blob was designed by Dutch students that shuns violence and promotes creativity in the video game era.

I remember as a kid not being allowed to play video games and instead being enrolled in classes at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). For kids today the art programs are still there however the new rage is video gaming so this game seemed the sensible next step.

The concept: "Long live color!" and fight back from monochromatic mediocrity. It's an action puzzle game that allows players to explore and embark on a quest to re-animate and re-colorize the city. Splatter buildings, landmarks, and citizens with color.

Interested?... it's being made for Wii, Nintendo DS, and the iPhone.

I still prefer the "old school" way of creating art (with my own hands) but to each their own and whatever gets kids interested in art is okay in my book.
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