Friday, June 6, 2008

Artist Friday - Caleb Cole

This past Tuesday I was a guest portfolio reviewer at the New England School of Photography for the 2008 graduating class. First off, I was incredibly impressed at the level of professionalism of the students and second, the work was great. Over the next few Fridays I'm going to showcase a few students from the commercial/advertising major who I feel are going to be an asset in our industry.

Caleb Cole already has an eye for the conceptual and has quite a sense of humor. He majored in Fine Art Color with a minor in Digital Arts. Not only is he a fantastic up and coming photographer but he is an incredible photo retoucher/post producer. Caleb originally hails from Indianapolis but he plans to stay in the Boston area with his fiancee for the time being. When I met with him he mentioned to me that he will be looking for an assisting job or assisting with retouching and continuing to shoot. He has an incredible passion and creative eye.

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