Friday, June 27, 2008

Artist Friday - Hany Farid

I was watching Nova ScienceNOW and saw a profile on digital forensics (also featured in American Scientific). I found the Nova piece so interesting I wanted to wade through more information about Dr. Farid and his craft. Hany Farid is a professor of computer science in the image science group at Dartmouth College. He has become an expert at the forefront of digital manipulation.

According to his bio, Dr. Farid has worked with federal law enforcement agencies on digital forensics to digital reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian Tombs. He has written numerous papers on digital imaging. Read through some of the papers and see what you think... I believe you'll find some interesting information and possibly helpful information for your photography and retouching.

While Dr. Farid is certainly an analyzer of photography and art he is also an artist. Check out some of his photography at