Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monocle Magazine

Reading through the most recent issue of PDN there was an article written by Julian Rodriguez that caught my eye. The article talks about Monocle magazine launched in 2007 (which I have to say I hadn't heard of) by the same founders of Wallpaper*. The exciting information is that the magazine has nearly 300 photographs in every issue... more proof that print is still kicking and not going anywhere. The beauty is the images range from photo journalistic to fashion and every genre in between.

The magazine is arranged in an A to E format, organizing stories under Affairs, Business, Culture, Design, and Edits. It's geared to "international jet-setting readers" and keeps the photography and design on par with the writing.

Photo Director, Rose Percy, says in the PDN article, "whoever gets sent on photo assignment to interpret the story must understand the Monocle brand and deliver the right artwork." She also states that she is very open to emerging artists and new talent to consider.

An annual subscription (ten issues) costs approximately $148 US or £75 UK and has worldwide distribution.


Kevin said...

I have been a fan of Monocle Magazine since it's launch, but what I really enjoy about their brand is the great balance between their print version and their website.

For example, the current issue has a great article on Berlin and it's thriving galleries and studios. Online you can find an interesting video piece about an independent book store in Berlin that specializes in photography, art and design.

I think the key these days is to be able to provide unique content both in print and online, which Monocle accomplishes very nicely.