Monday, June 9, 2008

Not Your Typical Talent Agency

Ugly Talent is perhaps the most innovative idea to hit the commercial print market in the last few years. The company was founded in London in 1969 by two photographers who saw a need for talent in the print advertising market who were not traditionally beautiful. Ugly Talent was brought to New York in 2007.

Ugly Talent is a tongue in cheek phrase, they're all about real people and finding all shapes and sizes that may not be your typical model.

Clients want to market their product and brand to average people. With clients looking for more and more street casting and "real" people this is a great talent agency to look into. They have found a perfect niche in the market.

They offer to their clients faces from all walks of life focusing on the "real" element - whether it is average to what one might consider bizarre. The Ugly roster includes a sumo wrestler, several tattooed talent, overweight individuals, and average people you might pass on the street. Check out the roster and the company at