Monday, June 30, 2008

Photography Galleries

I was wandering around online and wanted to find some cool galleries in the US that are showcasing photography. Here are some that I found interesting to check out:

Robert Koch Gallery
in San Francisco is currently featuring Amy Stein, New American Fables, as is the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago.

Florida Museum of Photographic Art
is exhibiting Len Prince's Masks & Identity

Composition Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia has a new exhibit on July 12, Sorrowful Tunes from a Sunny Land, Photographs from the Republic of Georgia which is being co-presented by the Contemporary Art Club in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.

Paul Kopeikin Gallery
is exhibiting J Bennett Fitts' Industrial Landscape[ing].

Silverstein Photography in New York is currently featuring W. Eugene Smith: The Art of History.


Melissa Hennessy said...


also check out Sara Tecchia Gallery
great images including landscapes by Benjamin Fink.