Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Design and Illustration

Design and Illustration seem to go hand in hand. It's more than just drawing (although drawing in free form is an art in itself) but it's typography, it's logo design, it's environmental, industrial, packaging, product and more design. Illustration plays a huge role in all these aspects whether it's a spec phase or a completion phase.

Illustrators and designers work together to problem solve and conceptualize. The illustrator and designer can be the same person or they can be a team collaborating.

With illustration and design it can serve as an icon... e.g. apple, nike, coca-cola, starbucks. A successful illustration/design can leave a mental imprint and can stand on it's own.

Design and illustration play a huge role in our world and things we pass by and objects we observe everyday that affect our living.

Check out AIGA's design archives (design, illustration and photography all at work):
or head over to the Graphic Artists Guild (they are the producers of the Directory of Illustration that ends up in the hands of thousands of art buyers and photo editors).