Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I'd like to congratulate Heather Morton on her blog post (a tough doozy but necessary based on the information). It's an unfortunate circumstance but the photographer featured in her week seventeen lounge has been pulled. She gives the reasons why [here] and has some other info to avoid this ugly little "p" word.


Lucas Cichon said...

Surfed over here from Heathers blog. Wish I would have seen the actual photos. Why is it the P word only works one way, usually from known to unknown?

There is an extremely successful, and well known photographer who surfs the web for pictures. Pretty much reproduces the pictures and sells books like crazy.

He will tell you he is just using the photos as a guide. But, if he were me or just a Joe Blow they would be clearly in the "P" category. Not that I'm defending plagiarism by anyone, just think it is interesting how success makes us forgive people.

Anonymous said...