Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The first 10 minutes

I saw this article [here] linked on the Wired and Hired blog.

I thought it was very interesting for myself (a current job-seeker) but also for the appointment seekers looking to get just 10 minutes with an agency or magazine.


Anonymous said...

to bring this back even to the freelance world of commercial photography, i notice this "first ten minutes" thing happens in those "can you talk to the art director about the job for a few minutes" conference calls. especially when you have the call before the job has even been awarded, but it's down to maybe three photographers, and then they want to have a phone call before they award the job.

it's nerveracking. you know you're on stage. you hope you don't say something stupid. you know, on some level, they're thinking "Is this guy cool? is he a dork? would i want to spend two or three days shooting with him, and then days later, talking about post?"

so yes, it affects freelancers too.