Friday, October 3, 2008

Advertising and the Economy (part 2)

In response to Amy's question... I wonder if the economy (which actually has been affecting my own freelance income stream since LAST fall) is going to mean more stock buying as a way for clients to save cash?

In my opinion - probably.
Stock imagery, especially the royalty free kind, is a cheaper way for clients to get imagery in their advertising. It doesn't mean it's a great image or an exclusive image though and that's what art buyers and account managers need to reiterate.

The unfortunate thing with the economy being in the proverbial toilet is that budgets are going to be slashed considerably so it requires adjustments on the artist, crew, and agency's parts. I will still recommend original imagery to the clients in hopes of continuing to have original work done by photographers and illustrators but I'm pretty sure the budgets won't allow for much. Which in turn will force creatives to turn to stock imagery.

Here is a benefit - most art buyers are aware that artists are offering their own stock on their websites and will search there as well as the larger stock houses BUT make sure you let them know with your marketing. I highly recommend to all to have a section on your site that at least states you offer stock imagery. Even if you don't have a section to that allows viewers to search on their own offer to pull lightboxes that might be appropriate for the projects and clients.

Art + Commerce has an image archive section that offers imagery from their photographers. Jim Erickson is a photographer who balances commissioned shoots and stock imagery exceptionally well.

When in doubt adjust to the market and market yourself so you keep working and keep yourself busy (and with an income).
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