Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Age of Social Media

So a lot of ad agencies are redesigning their website for the digital social media out there to attract potential clients, the feeling is that online social media is a "revolutionary opportunity" for advertisers. I have to say some of the website designs fall a little short and don't quite get the idea of social media. But there are a few agencies who absolutely will blow your doors off with their amazing sites.

Modenista! of Boston has an absolutely amazing site that opens as Wikipedia (with a note saying " Don't be alarmed. You are on the new Modernista! site"). The site links you to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Google... sites that most of us use daily. Check it out, I guarantee you'll be clicking through and having fun. granted it has some serious wikipedians (they call themselves that not me) up in arms.. but that's also what makes advertising great. did it get your attention? then it's a successful site.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky, may not have their own social media site like Modernista! but they definitely have some fun entertaining tidbits on the site including their own podcast. And they've created quite the waves for the likes of Burger King ("whopper freakout" was one of the most successful viral marketing and media integration campaigns).

Saatchi +Saatchi in New York may have been around since 1970 but are getting this idea of social media with their off-site lovemarks. Through this site you can share on Facebook, post videos, comments and diggs all about the brands you love and with people worldwide.

I'm sure I've missed quite a bunch of agencies with redesigned websites but feel free to post them. If agencies can focus some of their attention and integrate the traditional advertising with this new live space on the web everyone is clambering for, they have great potential and the excitement for great creativity.