Sunday, March 16, 2008

Photography Promos

A Photo Editor had a very interesting post with an art buyer interview this past Thursday. I would recommend photographers and reps to take a look, I found it incredibly interesting. As an art buyer, I completely agree with the interviewee.

I receive about 60 mailed promos a week and roughly 20 emails daily. The best way to grab my attention is to have an amazing photo. That is what I am going to hire you for. I am not so interested in receiving pens, stickies or a magnet with your logo on it. The thought is nice but most likely it gets tossed aside and forgotten about.

The promos with an amazing image.. drive me to your website to bookmark it and save it for a project. How do you differentiate yourself from the all the other noise? Do what you do best. If you are a great portrait photographer or a great landscape photographer - put that on your promo with your name and website. simple. clean. and to the point.