Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All hail the final image

I have had the pleasure to produce on set with Christopher Churchill (christopherchurchill.com) for the past couple of days. This new role has given me a profound appreciation of the entire crews on all past photo shoots that I've been an art buyer on!

But it's because of the obvious... the crew is there to assist the photographer, make every aspect of the shoot as seamless as possible so the photographer can focus on one thing... getting that fantastic shot. The photographer was hired for his/her artistic eye and beautiful work. The crew is there to make the photographer look good and for the client not to notice a single hiccup in the production of the shoot.

After calling, scheduling, booking, confirming and re-confirming 100 real people talent (that's right.. one hundred.. it's not a typo), I bow to the producers who are at this everyday and weekends too. Because as I've learned the emails and the phone calls come at all hours. I've been up at 5am and it's 8pm and I'm still scheduling.... but it's all worth it for the end product.