Friday, March 21, 2008

Artist Friday - Bo Bridges

Bo Bridges is the artist of this week. I love the action shots. Even though they are still images they are action packed and have that adrenaline rush feeling. He's been all over the world photographing action events from the Xgames to Ironman to glacier surfing. He gets that one in a million shot almost each time. His landscape shots are equally as enticing but I feel those lend to his action shots... the tranquility before the shred. In each shot he also pays close attention to the subject and the background, so as not to forget about the background or let it drown out the subject, his placement of both and how he captures them is spot on. He himself is an outdoor sports enthusiast so it only makes sense that his camera followed him.

Check out Bo's work at his website
He is represented by Michele August at 212 Artists Representative.

©Bo Bridges, used with permission
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