Thursday, August 14, 2008

AdBase Art Buyer Lounge

AdBase has their first part of a very cool series, Art Buyer Lounge. It's a podcast and first of the series.

Juliette Wolf-Robin is interviewing Lisa Oropallo at Digitas in New York.

Here's their email pitch:

In the first of our Art Buyer Lounge series, we've got an interview with Lisa Oropallo, art buyer at Digitas New York.

In Just 14 Minutes, Part 1 Will Show You:

* What attracts email opens
* What works (or doesn't!) in artist websites
* The low-down on hard-cover portfolios
* Promotional frequency and follow-up etiquette

11 Minutes is All You'll Need for Part 2 to Teach You:

* Trends in photography and illustration
* New opportunities for artists
* What motivates buyers to meet with artists

You do have to be registered and pay for their services to be able to listen to the podcast.
**UPDATE: thanks to Jenny Millar, communications manager at AdBase, you can access the podcast here.
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