Friday, August 29, 2008

Photo Reps - The list

212 Artists Representatives Inc.
VII Photo Agency

Achard & Associates
Acme Photo
AFG Management
Ally Godfrey Represents
Alyssa Pizer Management
Anderson Hopkins
Anne Albrecht Artist Agents
Anyway Artists
Aperture Access
Arc Representation
Arlene Johnson & Associates
Art + Commerce
Art Department
Art Mix Photography
Artists and Creatives
Artist Representation Inc
Atelier Management
Aurora Select

Balcony Jump
Barbara Laurie Photographers
Beauty And Photo
Bernstein & Andriulli
Bill Charles
Blink Management
Blur Photo
Bockos Creative Representation
Bruml Conlon
Bryan Bantry Inc
Bunny Fisher Represents
Button Represents

Carole Lambert
Carolyn Somlo Talent
Chapman Represents
Charlene Colombini : CAC Reps
Chris Boals Artists
City Artists Management
Clare Agency
the Clik Group
CLM (Camila Lowther Management)
CPi Reps
Creative Exchange Agency

Daniela Wagner Photographers
Daniele Forsythe Photographers
Deb Ayerst
Deddens + Deddens
Deborah Schwartz Reps
Design House Reps
Doug Truppe Represents

Edge Reps
EH Management
Elyse Connolly
Emily Inman Artists Representative
Erica Chadwick : etc creative inc.
ESP Agency
Exposure NY
Eye Forward Inc.

Farimah Milani & associates
Faucher Artists
Felix Management
Friend and Johnson
Freda Scott
Fox Creative

Gary Mandel
Giant Artists
GF Represents

Hamilton Gray & Associates
Heather Elder
Held and Associates
Hennessy Represents
Holly Hahn + Co.

i2i Photography

Janice Moses Represents
Jean Gardner + Associates
Jed Root Inc.
Agent: Jeff Cerise
Jennifer Butters
Jennifur Condon & Associates
Jessica Oldham Representative
JH Artist Group
Jim Hanson Artist Agent
JK Reps
Jodi Zeitler artist representative
Joel Harlib Associates, Inc.
John Kenney &
Joseph Reps
Josette Lata
Judi Shin
Judith Miller Inc
Judy Casey
Judy McGrath
Julian Meijer Agency
Julian Richards

K. Ray and Company
Kate & Company
Kate Ryan Inc
the Katy Barker Agency
Korman + Company
Kramer + Kramer

L2 Agency
L&A Artists
Lamoine Photo Group
Laura Lemkowitz Represents
Lesley Zahara Represents
LVA represents

M Represents
M3 Reps
Magnum Photos
Mama Management
Management + Artists
Marco Santucci
Marek & Associates
Marge Casey + Associates
Marianne Campbell Associates
Marilyn Cadenbach
ME Reps
Meo Represents
MergeLeft Representatives
Michael Ash Partners
Michael Ginsburg Associates
Michele Filomeno
The Mitchell Agency
MiteyBig Representation
Monaco Reps
Moo Management
MS Logan

Nadine Kalmes Artist Representation
Nancy Grant
Norman Maslov

O'Gorman Schramm
Oliver Piro Inc.
Orchard Photographer Representation

Peter Bailey Company
Photographic Management Inc
Pinkstaff Photographers
Pojé + Associates
Punch Artists

Radical Media
Randy Cole Represents
The Rappaport Agency
Ray Brown Represents
Red Eye Reps
Redux Pictures
Rep Girl Inc.
Renee Rhyner and Company
Rich Hall Reps
Robert Bacall Representatives

Sally Bjornsen Represents
Sandberg Agency
Sarah Laird
Schumann & Company
See Management
Seed Reps
Sharpe + Associates
Shotview Photographers Management
Snap Artists
Snyder & Company
Spinnler Reps
Steichen Represents
Stockland Martel
Syndicate Six ::: A Photographer's Collaborative

They Representation Inc.
Tim Mitchell
Tom Maloney Reps
Tricia Joyce Inc
TTS Reps

Unit c.m.a.

Walter Schupfer Management
Watson + Spierman Productions
Webber represents
Weiss Artists, Inc.
Westside Studios
Wonderful Machine

Vaughan Hannigan
Velvet Reps
Vernon Jolly Inc
Vertical Reps
Vicki Sander Represents
Vince Kamin & Associates
Vis A Vis Reps
Visu Artists
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