Friday, August 22, 2008

Shipping A Portfolio

So when receiving portfolios, they usually come in a soft case, hard plastic or metal case or wrapped in bubble wrap sent in a FedEx box. These are great protection for the portfolio but do you include a delivery sheet as well?

Delivery sheets are another protection for portfolios in my mind. When I'm calling in books I input everything into an excel spreadsheet - photographer, rep, phone number, and most important, the items delivered. Delivery sheets are a great way for the agent or artist to document what was exactly sent.

I appreciate the fine print that goes on a delivery sheet. Here's where the details are, like work is copyrighted (obviously but good to remind everyone) and that the receiver is responsible for the material sent.

I once had a person I was working with, at the very beginning of my career, spill a can of soda all over a portfolio. Accident, but it cost the agency nonetheless.
So it's a good idea to put in print how much the portfolio is valued at and what any other material (such as matte prints or original transparencies) may cost. I do not recommend ever sending original work.

It's just a small item to enclose with your portfolio that can ensure its safety.
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