Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Changing Face of Production

Creativity Magazine published their summer edition about production. In it they have an article dedicated to "The Changing Face of Production". It's not necessarily about who is new on the scene but rather how the role and view of production is changing.

For digital/interactive producers it's not just traditional production elements, it's weaving in creative execution and client interface. For interactive producers it also means being able to produce print photo shoots as well as video shoots.

As for traditional producers, whether is it print or broadcast, they're starting to need to know and understand interactive and how their portion of the production incorporates the interactive side.

The other thing that many of us - producers, agencies and photographers/illustrators/reps - are hearing is that the budgets are shrinking. Many clients want more "bang for their buck" but what does that mean for the production value? It is very understandable that clients want to keep costs down as much as possible however it also depends on the complexity of the project. In addition as Christine Beardsell states in the article: "The goal is to create a quality of content to reach and connect to the relevant audience."


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