Friday, August 15, 2008

Fall Mailers

Yes I know, I said "Fall" as in the Fall season. But realistically it is nearing the end of the summer and back to school ads are at full storm so this brings about the conversation, "Have you thought about your marketing lately?"

Summer brings out the best in everyone, the thoughts of relaxing and barbecues and vacations. Even ad agencies tend to slow the pace a little. But now that Fall is looming it might be time to get marketing materials together and start promoting if you took a small summer hiatus.

It's a good time to start making calls and scheduling appointments. Get your lists updated and send your emails and mailers out. Talk about the great summer project you worked on whether it was a personal project or a commissioned one.

Fall gets people's creativity and ideas brewing. Clients and agencies start to gear up with new strategies and so should all us freelancers.
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