Wednesday, April 2, 2008

American Apparel snafu

AdFreak reports American Apparel has used Woody Allen's image without permission, so he's now suing the cargo pants off them. Reuters is reporting the US company is using his image in print (including the billboard pictured above) and the internet. He has stated that the company never contacted him or compensated him for the use of his image.

Art Buying 101 - ALWAYS get a talent release. I'm pretty sure there was not an art buyer or business affairs person involved in this project. We have to be so meticulous about the imagery - sometimes to the creatives chagrin - but it's part of the job. There should always be written permission for the images - this includes anything from talent, property, name, or logos. Getting clearances covers the client and the agency.

I'm wondering if American Apparel contacted the photographer or the director for usage. The billboards were only posted in California and New York City - Woody Allen filed suit in a Manhattan Court.