Monday, April 21, 2008


Short for Photography Industry Professionals - photographers, reps, art buyers, photo editors, photo assistants, etc.
PIP was founded by Kelly Carson (of TTS Reps in New York) a couple of months ago.

APP: What inspired you to start PIP?

KC: I would have to say that I first thought that a group such as this was needed because I am part of groups and have been denied access to groups that are very exclusive, and do not allow others to seek out the answers that so need. I also thought it would be great to get ALL the photography industry professionals together for future events.

APP: How many members does PIP currently have and what is the benefit for members?

KC: PIP has 565 members and counting. The group benefits it's members by bringing together people with a common interest. It will serve as a safe zone for those who want to either use it as a recourse, and allow it's members to stay in the know.

APP: What do you hope the future of PIP holds?

KC: I hope that PIP keeps growing, and that it's members truly benefit from the knowledge they gain, and the great people they meet.

You can join the group by sending an email to Kelly or subscribing at the Yahoo Group:

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