Monday, April 28, 2008

Contributing Agent

Avisualsociety has a new piece on the blog, A New Voice - The Contributing Agent. love it! It's nice to see the opinions and thoughts of the rep/agent.

I thought it was interesting they brought up the fact of a photographer switching photographic genres. The example given was switching from portraiture to landscape. I think it takes a seasoned professional to weather this change.. and I'm not sure it can be done in 3 months. It's tough as an art buyer to have a photographer market this change. In my mind you're a portrait photographer and I have confidence that you can achieve everything I need on a shoot. If you've switched to landscape, in all honesty I'll probably still call you for portraiture. However there's always two sides (of course) - If you have some good landscape work in your portfolio or incredible test shots I might take a risk. I'd also consider taking a risk if I personally know the photographer and his/her working style.

But photographers shouldn't be discouraged about changing styles or experimenting with other styles. Do what you love. Just remember it takes time for you and your rep to market, promote and pull in jobs for this new style. It has been done (Christoph Morlinghaus used to be a still life photographer) but there is an adjustment period.


Alan Farkas said...

While the market semi forces shooters to specialize, a good shooter can shoot my subjects and possibly styles IMO. Look at Nadav Kandar for an well known shooter, he shoots sets, landscape & portraits. A good furniture maker doesn't limit them self to making just chairs- they also probably make tables and kinds of furniture. While Nadav is an elite shooter- many lesses known shooters have the ability to shoot a wide range of subjects.

Bruce DeBoer said...

@alan - well said. I spent the first 15 years winning awards as a still life / studio set guy but not one would know that by looking at my site. I'm not in the minority here.