Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's the Word?...

Allegra Wilde has been kind enough to keep her fellow art buyers and photo editors (at the art producers group with Yahoo groups) informed with some news in the industry. Allegra is a Creative Director and Visual Strategist at her own company, Allegra Wilde -- many of you might remember her from her days at Workbook. She's compiled quite the list...
If you have any information to share about job openings, gallery shows, photographers or illustrators with new reps please send to Allegra at or

So here is the news going around:

Tricia Scott - Sahler of Merge Left Represents is now representing Gustavo Marx and George Fulton.

Michael Ash has departed from Radical Media and has formed Michael Ash Partners. He is looking for a new assistant : Contact him if interested at

Robin Ogden has added fashion and product photographer, Martin Menocal and also Ron Crofoot, interiors photographer.

Rona Siegel of Rona Represents reports that Henrik Bulow was named Fashion Photographer of the Year by Dansk Magazine.

Fashion and celebrity photographer, Hanspeter Schneider, is now represented by Alex Newhall of Snap Artists

Bob Wolter is now representing NY and Chicago based food and still-life photographer, David Bishop.

Melissa Hennessy added location and portrait photographer, Michael Hall, and is representing him exclusively in the U.S.

Still life photographer Mark Platt of EVCreative, Inc. has teamed up with art director Guillaume Bruneau and digital master Ray Martinez to form Shop Studio- a digital still life photography studio which specializes in luxury goods

Artist Representative Michael Smith, previously with Artist Logic, has joined Illustrator and Storyboard agency 411 Creatives. 411 Creatives recently signed Fashion Photographer Natasha Lee.

Norman Maslov has added still-life photographer Sue Tallon and food, travel & leisure photographer Justin Lewis to his roster.

Richard Solomon Artists Representative announces that 3-D Illustrator Liz Lomax has joined the agency.

Susanne Bransch announces Ofer Wolberger has been awarded the Humble Arts Foundation Spring 08 Grant for his project, "(Life With) Maggie"

If you have industry news to share, please send it along!