Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So as a freelancer it's all about networking and getting your name out there - whether you're a photographer, an illustrator, an assistant, a rep, even a freelance art buyer. A friend of mine passed along a few words of wisdom: try and schedule as many face to face meetings as possible. Lunch/coffee/cocktail meetings or portfolio reviews are key.

You're doing everything right by emailing updates and mailing promos but face to face is the best way. People want to help and are interested in your work but emails are impersonal and can be easily forgotten or backlogged. Even though they have the best intentions, everyone gets busy. An in person meeting can be incredibly successful. As long as you're diligent about staying in touch with people in and out of your network, projects will start rolling in.

There is plenty of proof and suggestions that these meetings work. Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua wrote an article in ASMP's 2007 Year End Bulletin that in person meetings can be a key to your success. "The best way is to be honest, open and real. It's okay if your work is not a good fit - there are other clients out there. Practice makes perfect."

In person meetings and networking give you a chance to show your portfolio and gives the art buyers and photo editors something tangible to your talent rather than the just your website. Read through discussions on A Photo Editor or Heather Morton's blogs. Again, the proof is there - and it works.

There is nothing like an in person meeting to get a sense of the person's character, drive and talent.