Tuesday, April 22, 2008

APE en Fuego!

I hate to harp on something that Rob over at A Photo Editor is trying to get past or get his readers past but I find it's a pretty passionate debate.

This past Sunday he posted a bit about the "SINGLE MOST ANNOYING WEB 2.0 FEATURE FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS". A valid, intriguing, and thought-provoking piece that has now gotten 101 comments.. more than his free promo for 297 talented photographers... and has everyone fired up over the issue. Rob has said on his blog:
Done with this post, done with this topic. Moving on to the next conversation trying to avoid getting more personal attacks while still just posting whatever I feel like. Oh, and now my former editors read the blog. I am so fkd.

While this provides for some serious interesting banter on both sides I have to agree with a fellow blogger and poster:
If you don’t like them, agree with them or care to take part in the life-spying reality show that is blog-land, then peace out. I’m disgusted to read the recent comments section on fellow bloggers site A Photo Editor.

It's a little disconcerting that several photographers rant and rave in a less than desirable tone on this site that many people read - fellow photographers, art buyers, photo editors, creatives, producers, consultants, etc. You don't want to completely turn people off by leaving a nasty note (linked to your site).

We love your passion for the industry and your work but just be wary of your words.


Bruce DeBoer said...

You've made a point that is often missed - IMHO. Web etiquette was the point APE was trying to make: disagree but keep it positive and certainly don't be in your face about the web's stalk-ability.

Think of websites as visits to homes or stores or whatever, if you come to my home, you usually aren't anonymous. If you answer a letter by mail there is a post mark or return address; Similar right? But I don't want to hear that you know when I got the letter and where I was when I opened it - creepy.