Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Good resources

Most art buyers, art directors and creative people don't always pick great talent off the top of their heads, it requires research.
As much as some people say promos don't always work or I put them in a pile... I go through that pile or to the website and mark it. My research will take several hours. I go through my bookmarks, I make calls to have some new work sent, I especially go through Le Book, Workbook and Black book.

I love Le Book for researching photographers and illustrators. They are immersed in the creative community both in the US and internationally. They have even started a creative tour called Connections which invites the creative community to converge in one place and review photographer/illustrator portfolios... network with art buyers and creative directors.

Workbook is probably the most well known resource for industry professionals to go search for advertising and editorial assignment photographers/illustrators. In addition to searching for the right talent you can also purchase art for sale, organize a phonebook contact list and create a custom mailing list.

Blackbook is similar... a resource site to search out creative talent. On the site there is also a creative industry directory